Group: A_Major_Instruments
Name Description
AFM_Ntegra_SNOM NT-MDT Ntegra Solaris AFM + SNOM
Confocal_Leica_Spectral Leica SP5 spectral scanning confocal microscope
FIB_SEM_Helios_Nanolab FEI Dual Beam FiB/SEM (AMMRF flagship)
FIB_SEM_Helios_Nanolab_SEM_Only FEI Dual Beam FiB/SEM (AMMRF flagship) - SEM work only
ICP_ASI_LA_ICP_MS ASI Resolution with 7900 ICP-MS
ICP_NewWave_LA_ICP_MS NWR 213 - 7900 ICP-MS
ICP_Solution_ICPMS Solution 8900 QQQ-ICPMS
IVIS_Lumina_XRMS In Vivo Multi-species Optical and X-Ray Imaging System
Live_Cell_Microscope Nikon Ti E Live Cell Microscope
LMD_LEICA_AS LEICA Laser Microdissection
LMD_PALM_LMCP PALM Laser Microdissection and Pressure Catapulting (LMPC)
MicroCT_Skyscan_1072 SkyScan X-ray Micro CT Scanner
MicroCT_Skyscan_1076 Live Animal X-ray Microtomography System
MicroCT_Skyscan_1276 High Resolution, Fast In-Vivo Desktop MicroCT
MicroProbe_SX51 CAMECA SX51 Electron Microprobe w SAMX Software
MicroProbe_SXFive CAMECA SXFive Electron Microprobe w Probe for EPMA Software
Multi_Photon_Microscope Bio-Rad Radiance2000MP Visualising System
Nanoindenter IBIS Nanoindentation System
Optical_Olympus_BX51 Olympus Research Grade Optical Microscope DIC, Phase, DF, BF
Optical_Petrographic_Microscope Nikon_Petrographic Microscope
Optical_SMZ25_Stereo Nikon SMZ25 Stereo Microscope - Fluorescence, CCD Camera
Optical_Zeiss_Axio_Microscope Zeiss Axio Imager M2m Optical Microscope with Autoscan Motorised Stage
SEM_QUANTA_450 FEG Environmental SEM + Oxford Ultim Max EDS Detector
SEM_QUANTA_600_MLA FEI Quanta600 Scanning Electron Microscope with the Mineral Liberation Analysis (MLA)
SEM_XL30 Philips XL30 FEGSEM w Oxford EDS, Oxford CT1500HF Cryo stage & HKLEBSD
TEM_Tecnai_G2_Spirit 120kVolt TEM + EDAX TEAM EDS w SDD Detector + Electron Tomography & Cryo capable
TEM_Titan_Themis FEI Titan Themis 200kV TEM with EDS, EELS and Aberration Correction

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