Groups: B_Sample_Preparation, Waite_Campus
Name Description
Confocal_Nikon_Waite Nikon A1R confocal microscope
Critical_Point_Dryer Tousimis 931 Critical Point Dryer
Cryo_Preparation Leica EMCPC Cryo Pot
Cryostat_Waite Leica CM1800 Cryostat
Diamond_Saw Stuers Slow Speed Diamond Saw
Dimple_Grinder GATAN Dimple Grinder
Dry_Pumping_Station GATAN Dry Pumping Station
Embedding_Oven_Waite Labec IE10 oven 80oC max
Freeze_Substitution Leica AFS Freeze Substitution System
Fumehood Prep Lab - Fumehood 1
Hitachi_TM4000_SEM Hitachi TM4000 SEM
Hot_Mounting_Press Struers Hot Mounting Press
Ion_Beam_Mill GATAN 600 Duo Mill
Ion_Mill_Fischione Argon Ion Mill for sample prep
Leica_Laser_Dissection_Microscope_Waite LEICA ASLMD Laser dissection microscope, fluorescence and DIC
Micro_Tensile_Tester Micro tensile tester
Microtome_2 Leica UltraCut S Ultramicrotome
Microtome_4 Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome
Optical_microscope_Nikon_Waite Upright research microscope with DS-Ri1 CCD camera for BF, DIC, fluor
Paraffin_Embedding_Station Leica EG1150H paraffin embedding station and cooling unit
Pelco_Biowave Microwave Processing System
Plasma_Cleaner_GATAN GATAN_Solarus_950_Advanced_Plasma_Cleaner
Rotary_Microtome_1_Waite Leica RM2135 Rotary Microtome configured for paraffin
Rotary_Microtome_2_Waite Leica RM2265 Rotary Microtome configured for resin
SEM_XL20 Philips XL20 SEM w EDAX EDS
Stereo_microscope_Nikon_Waite Nikon SMZ25 stereo microscope with fluorescence and CCD camera
Struers_TegraPol Automatic Polishing System
TEM_CM100 Philips CM100 TEM w SIS MegaviewII Image Capture
TriPod_Polisher South Bay Technology Tripod Polisher
Ultramicrotome_Waite Leica Ultracut E Ultramicrotome
Vibratome Leica VT1200S Vibratome
Vibratome_Waite Leica VT1200 vibrating blade microtome

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